The Stop Obama Coalition is a nonpartisan alliance of American citizens dedicated to stopping Senator Barack Obama from being elected President of the United States.

The Palm Beach Declaration
on the
2008 Presidential Election

Version 1.0
July 21, 2008
Palm Beach

The Stop Obama Coalition hereby states its set of founding principles as follows:

     1.  The Stop Obama Coalition recognizes that Senator John McCain (“JM”) and his campaign staff retain full and complete authority for the conduct of the senator’s presidential campaign.

     2. Pursuant to the First Amendment, the American People have a separate and independent right to participate in and influence the 2008 presidential campaign.

     3. The Stop Obama Coalition is completely independent of and entirely separate from the JM campaign.

     4. The Stop Obama Coalition is nonpartisan and is open to Democrats, Republicans and independents.

     5. We believe that racial issues or appeals to racial identification should not be issues in the 2008 presidential campaign. Therefore, constant references to the “historic” candidacy of Senator Barack Obama (“BO”) are a distraction and create racial tension and backlash. The candidates’ qualifications and experience should be the sole criteria for election.

     6. We believe that the presidential campaign should be conducted solely in the United States; we call on the U.S. Congress to impose limits on the ability of presidential candidates to campaign abroad at taxpayer’s expense, in the same manner that congress has limited the use of federal elected offices and newsletters by federal officials during campaign periods.

     7. We express grave concern about published reports that the BO campaign and his supporters have targeted blogs and opposition activity with harassment and cyberwar tactics. We condemn proto-fascist activity by any campaign and call for robust, uninhibited and unfettered debate during the presidential campaign.

     8. We expressly condemn the efforts of BO and his Washington Post-related operative Danielle Allen to condemn free speech on the Internet. We reject her suggestion that free speech on the Internet should be limited or restricted in any manner. We express regard and respect for the U. S. Supreme Court’s decision in McIntyre v. Ohio, 514 U.S. 334 (1995).

     9. We express the sincere belief that serious questions have been raised about the provenance of official documents which have been and are being used to establish BO’s citizenship and birth status. We call for BO to issue a declaration officially releasing and opening any and all public records involving any member of his family (including Barack Obama, Sr.) to full public access, so that local authorities or institutions which are repositories of such records are free to release them with the candidate’s blanket permission. We ask that BO make a public and unequivocal statement and direction to any and all public officials and institutional officials directing them to make available certified copies of Obama-related materials upon request. Most respectfully, we declare that the burden of proof is on BO to establish his credentials, not on his opponents to pry loose official records which may raise questions about his family history.

     10. We condemn appeals to bigotry or intolerance by any individual or organization. We call for the 2008 presidential campaign to be conducted on basis of the public careers of the candidates, their legal and professional qualifications and their career experiences; and not on extraneous factors which may reflect personal hostility against a candidate by any individual or organization.

     11. In so far as BO is concerned, we declare that the truth and available facts are the sole basis for our opposition to BO. We recognize and confirm that reasonable conclusions and opinions may be drawn and expressed from the available facts, which on occasion may be conflicting or incomplete.

     12. We call for an end to the media bias in favor of BO and grossly unbalanced coverage in favor of BO and against JM by so-called “mainstream media.” The media’s use of public airwaves to provide biased and unbalanced coverage favoring one candidate to detriment of his or her opponent is a diminution of democracy and a misuse of the public’s airwaves. Our concerns, however, extend beyond broadcast bias to cable and other forms of media distribution as well.

     13. Although the principles we enunciate today are obviously focused on the 2008 campaign, we will continue to advocate that these principles be enacted into law for future campaigns, such as limitations on taxpayer-subsidized overseas travel by presidential campaigns and candidates.


Source: The Stop Obama Coalition
Media contact: Andy Martin, Executive Director
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